Wednesday, January 7

The iPod of Dorian Gray

Apple's iPods keep getting skinnier....and so does Steve Jobs.

Tuesday, January 6

New Year's in Paris

Thanks to possibly the best and most generous Christmas present ever, Kelly and I spent six days in Paris with her sister and brother-in-law.

A few highlights in a trip full of them...

Cops on Rollerblades

The world's best pastry shop -- Pierre Herme -- with a standout macaroon of grapefruit and wasabi (!)

Another pastry shop with a Dremel drill made of chocolate!

An incredible truffle-laden dinner at Michel Rostang. The waiter walked around with a wooden case full of white truffles, opening them up for a tantalizing whiff of the contents. I'm pretty sure this is what's was in suitcase in Pulp Fiction.

The most memorable dishes:
  • An amuse bouche with a minature cast iron skillet filled with shephard's pie, accompanied by white truffle soup with foie gras and curry.
  • Artichoke soup, with an artichoke heart stuffed with foie gras and a heavy layer of shaved white truffles
  • A salted caramel souffle to finish