Tuesday, October 28

MTV -- just like it used to be

Not quite sure how this happened, but MTV has a new site that lets you watch music videos. Lots of them. For free. And that's it.

First Hulu and now this -- are media companies finally figuring out the Internets?

Yay Reny!

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Thursday, October 23

30 Rock is back, early

Sarah Palin gueststars....oh wait, it's just Tina Fey.


30 Rock is available online a week before it airs on old-timey TV.

"Don't even think about talking to her while her soaps are on. Seriously, she will bite you." (I can relate)

Spot the candidate

Monday, October 20

Beware the one-upper

JDizzle has a horrifying, hilarious depiction of a business trip with a nightmarish colleague -- sort of like David Brent without the charm -- on her blog Hometown Hangover.

It includes 22 fun facts about said colleague, "Barry," including fun facts that he overshared with the group:
  • 15. Barry once auditioned naked for a production of Hair in London. He got the part but decided that he didn't want to take it. He just wanted to see if he could do it.
  • 16. He knew a lesbian rocker who owned her own coffee shop or something (I lost interest on this one)
  • 17. Barry is allergic to cats and goats.
  • 18. Barry knew the guy who invented the pet rock.
  • 19. Barry once had a waterbed with 10 cylinders. Whatever that means. I didn't pursue this one either.
  • 20. Barry once vacationed at a Club Med in the Bahamas that was also a nudist beach.
  • 21. Barry once road the Marrakesh Express with a guy who had a briefcase filled with hashish.
You'll have to click over to her blog for #22 -- it's just too good. But suffice it to say that it involves Johnny Mathis and the syphilis.

Friday, October 17

The Arcade Fire Incident

My friend Will's had an eventful few days involving a night out, a break-in, a fist fight and the beloved indie band Arcade Fire.

In today's installment, a heart-felt apology and a possible way out of leaf-raking duty.

Go check it out at his excellent blog The Reluctant Grown-up.

Laid Off By Lehman: One Broker's Story

On economizing: "Today actually I gave myself a my first rub-and-tug. Didn't save a lot of money."

On what he misses most: "Paying bums to blow each other -- that never got old."

On career options: "I can always get a job at Starbucks and scrape by on a couple hundred grand a year."

Wednesday, October 8

Day at the Beach

As the weather grows cold, here's a nice reminder of summer.

Beached from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Friday, October 3

Banksy on the credit crisis

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