Wednesday, August 6

Is Mr. T a homophobe?

This ad -- which shows Mr. T shooting a speed walker with a candy bar-firing cannon and urges the viewer to "Get Some Nuts" -- has already aired in Britain but has been withdrawn for the U.S. market, after Human Rights Campaign protested that it played into "the notion that the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community is a group of second-class citizens and that violence against GLBT people is not only acceptable, but humorous."

The Onion's newswire reports that there has been no comment from the man who was born Lawrence Tureaud, but "one assumes he finds the situation pitiable."

Is the ad really offensive? Opine in comments.


Anonymous said...

It's a commercial (which sane people fast forward through) so it really doesn't matter but ... I would be offended if I was a speed walker.

Matt said...

I think that generally speaking people who worry about being offended take themselves too seriously. That is the case here.

My father-in-law used to speed walk prior to getting two artificial hips and I thought he looked silly then.

I never said anything out of respect but I think even speed walkers, assuming they have a pair of functioning eyes, would have to admit that they look ridiculous when they do that.

There are plenty of examples of anti-Catholic bigotry that can be seen in the public square but I don't hear many people clamoring for redress of my grievances. Nor do I want them to. I'm grown up enough to allow for people to say stupid things about my faith to me without having to force someone to make an apology tour or, heaven forbid, go into some sort of rehab so that they learn not to offend me again. Good grief. :)

The gay and lesbian "community" may not want to "get some nuts" but the least they could do if they want to be taken seriously is to "get some broad shoulders".