Wednesday, July 30

Queen Reny

The Beast has an eye infection and is wearing one of those goofy collars so she doesn't "self-harm," as the vet describes it. It's called an "e-collar" and the E stands for "Elizabethan." Seriously.

Reny hates it, obviously, but it's pretty damn funny to see her bumping into walls We're looking at getting her a pimped out version like this one. Bling bling!

Reny with her Elizabethan collar

Obama the new Britney?

McCain's attack ad blasts Obama for being "the biggest celebrity in the world" and superimposes clips of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. I know politics is a dirty game, but I didn't think it was Paris Hilton-level dirty...

Wednesday, July 23

elis e tom - aguas de março

Detroit Basketbrawl

Who thought we'd still be seeing Detroit basketball Bad Boy Rick Mahorn getting ejected for fighting? This one came at the end of the of the WNBA game between Detroit and LA game, which devolved into a massive brawl. Mahorn, an assistant for the Detroit Shock, got kicked out after just knocking down LA Sparks star Lisa Leslie, and Shock coach Bill Laimbeer -- a legendary brawler in his day -- was also involved.

Tuesday, July 22

Thanks for being a friend, Estelle

RIP Estelle. In your honor, I've included this tattoo to reflect your true worth to this nation. Believe it or not, I actually met the guy who has this tattoo on a beach in Thailand.

Kelly, Jen, Daniela, Rita and Phil -- you're my witnesses.

Friday, July 4

Jump, you fucker, jump!

Yes, that is the young Dudley Moore. Thanks to Siobhan, who can totally sing this one a cappella.