Monday, June 23

It's Time to Match the Stars!

Hometown Hangover has the scoop: The newly reinvented Match Game has been cast for a pilot on TBS. Let's hope it doesn't suck.

Here's the lineup:

Andrew Daly (pictured with Will Arnett)
Can he fill the shoes of Gene Rayburn? Of course not. But digging up Gene's grave and featuring him Weekend at Bernie's style isn't an option, and the show must go on.

Sarah Silverman
Apparently she's been schtupping the talented Mr. Ripley. Will she unload some jokes that offend everyone? Let's hope so. Brett Somers is watching from heaven.

Bob Einstein (pictured with Larry David)
Marty Funkhouser/Larry Middleman! Wicked.

Scott Thompson
Clearly supposed to fill the lighter-than-normal loafers of Charles Nelson Reilly.

Rashida Jones
Quincy Jones is your dad and Peggy Lipton is your mom? You are cool as shit. Let's hope you're funny too.

Niecy Nash
I've never seen Reno 911! But if JDizzle likes you, that's good enough for me.

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JDizzle said...

Adam, you HAVE to TiVo 911 it's effing hilarious!!!!!! You will LOVE it. The new season just started.