Saturday, June 21

Happy Summer Solstice

Two things to note about this article in the Saturday Times about how the summer solstice was celebrated, or (mostly) wasn't in New York yesterday:
- The reporter called the Fire Department press office to inquire whether there had been any bonfires lit to celebrate the solstice.

- It takes the piss out of Wiccans.

"The Wiccan followers, some wearing colorful makeup and long robes and dresses, formed a human circle that was not allowed to be broken, as they received anointing oil and sang ritualistic songs, including one honoring the longest day.

This being the East Village, however, they did not draw much attention.

Ricky Martinez, a Wiccan who works at Enchantments Book Store on the Lower East Side, said he was considering attending a private celebration with other Wiccans. This party, however, was by invitation only; nonpagans excluded.

“The stuff that goes on I can’t really invite you to,” he said. “It’s for the people in the coven. It’s pretty hush-hush.”

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