Wednesday, May 7

Momofuku Ko -- A Day of Rest?

David Chang's Momofuku Ko -- notorious for its Internet-only, yeah-good-luck-with-that reservation system -- got its three star review in the New York Times today.

Faced with what I can only imagine was a tsunami of wannabe diners, the website seems to have stopped taking reservations all together.

It's the first time I've ever seen those symbols on the far right, and I've been logging on at 10 am to try for a table ever since the place opened.

Is the site broken? Or is David Chang shutting things down for a day because of the stellar review and the resulting surge in demand? Inquiring gourmands want to know....


Anonymous said...

The restaurant is closed on Tuesdays. Always has been. The new symbol is a better reflection of this fact.

Kitty said...

Yeah, Adam! Duh!

Ok, not really...but who is this Anonymous guy, and was he at your house last weekend?