Tuesday, May 27

Bring me the head of Carrie Bradshaw

From the London-based artist/photo defacer known, for obvious reasons, as The Decapitator.

Monday, May 19

New Flight of the Conchords

Skip to the 1 minute mark -- the beginning is just annoying. But then you get a sweet 70s roller disco jam.

"Out of sight / late night /erudite / hermaphrodite."

"All you sexy hermaphrodite ladyman -- your sexy lady bits, your sexy man bits too, even you must be into you."

Handicapping the Veepstakes

From mightygodking.com

John Edwards

- shared message of change and battle against entrenched corporate interests in Washington
- leading progressive figure in the Democratic party
- strengthens Obama’s support with white males
- helps in North Carolina, a potential swing state
- nice hair

- track record of not quite, like, you know, winning elections
- suffers in the vital “people who hate sons of millworkers” demographic

Joe Lieberman

- makes Obama look much, much taller
- theoretically helps with independent voters
- reassures voters that unpleasant-but-survivable status quo will remain essentially untouched
- his nomination would ensure that David Broder, David Brooks, George Will, and Mickey Kaus would all get such massive erections that they would die of lack of blood flow to the brain

- is Joe Lieberman
- no, seriously, is Joe Lieberman

Kcarab Amabo, AKA The Mirror Universe Barack Obama

- All of the genius and inspiration of Barack Obama
- Just as likeable as Barack Obama
- In a pinch can replace Barack Obama if he shaves his goatee

- Evil
- Like, whoa, totally evil
- We are so not kidding about the evil

Banksy Floyd

From b3ta.com's "extending album art" contest. Via Soul Sides.

Thursday, May 15


Was anyone else disappointed when they saw the headline $86 million for a Bacon triptych?

I was hoping for this:

Because, who doesn't like bacon?

But instead it was this:

Monday, May 12

Match Game: Murder Edition

Saturday Night Live did a pretty good "Match Game" skit this weekend.

"I know you're a bunch of rum-soaked, over-sexed washouts."
"Thanks for noticing!"

Friday, May 9

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, "War"

Every Simpsons couch gag EVAR

Miss Piggy like you've never seen her

I want my CCTV

The Get Out Clause, an unsigned band from Manchester, couldn't afford to shoot a music video -- so they played their song in full view of some of Britain's many public surveillance cameras, and then requested the footage via the UK's version of the Freedom of Information Act. Pretty snazzy!

There are an astounding 13 million CCTV cameras in Britain, including one outside George Orwell's old house. Information Commissioner Richard Thomas warned that the country was "sleepwalking into a surveillance society." And a study released this week found that they have done virtually nothing to cut crime.

I pass no judgment on the quality of the band's music, but they are clearly talented when it comes to promotion.

Nintendo Nostalgia

If you grew up in the era of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, you're gonna like these pieces of DIY home decor:

The Duck Hunt Lamp
"So one day I picked up an NES Zapper (gun) and went 'woah, that would make a cool lamp!'"

The Giant Nintendo Controller coffee table
Even more improbable than the fact that someone took many, many hours to build this (it even works as a controller) is that the guy actually has a girlfriend.

Thursday, May 8

Grafitti of the day pt. 2

IMG_9565, originally uploaded by jakedobkin.

Grafitti of the day pt 1.

IMG_9568, originally uploaded by jakedobkin.

Wednesday, May 7

Momofuku Ko -- A Day of Rest?

David Chang's Momofuku Ko -- notorious for its Internet-only, yeah-good-luck-with-that reservation system -- got its three star review in the New York Times today.

Faced with what I can only imagine was a tsunami of wannabe diners, the website seems to have stopped taking reservations all together.

It's the first time I've ever seen those symbols on the far right, and I've been logging on at 10 am to try for a table ever since the place opened.

Is the site broken? Or is David Chang shutting things down for a day because of the stellar review and the resulting surge in demand? Inquiring gourmands want to know....

Timmy, have you ever seen a grown man naked?

Sounds like there was some weird stuff going on in the cockpit of an Air France plane this weekend. It made a daredevil 10,000 foot climb and rocked from side to side -- all because the captain was "showing off" for a young boy.

Reports that the captain was discussing whether the boy had ever been in a Turkish prison could not be confirmed.

Monday, May 5

Dissing Your Dog

"How to train your dog with mockery and verbal humiliation"

I'm Trying this as soon as I get home.

"Milton Berle called - he wants his bladder control back."