Tuesday, April 15

Say hello to Reny


Say hello to our newest family member, Reny, who we adopted from the North Shore Animal League this weekend.

She's a 1-year-old mix: perhaps a sprinkle of Spitz, a dash of Shiba Inu and a dollop of Schipperke. She was apparently living on the cold, gritty streets of NYC before landing in a city shelter and then North Shore.

Amid the madhouse of the animal shelter, Reny stood out for her amazing levels of calm and affection. After we picked her out, we went through a similarly amazing amount of paperwork and bureaucratic foot-dragging (ZipCar late fee: $125). But it could have been worse. We watched one woman and her granddaughter get the third degree for burying a dead dog in the backyard 20 years ago, and the North Shore agent hinted that perhaps Grandma had buried a hobo or two back there as well.

Reny's turn-ons: licking toes, hanging out on the couch and furtive indoor peeing.
Reny's turn-offs: other dogs, peeing in the presence of others, and doggie treats (yes, even freeze-dried liver).

We doubtlessly have a few interesting weeks of pee-mopping and Monster Mutt obedience classes ahead of us, but we're thrilled to have Reny (name suggested by our friend Daniela because she looks so much like a fox, aka 'renard' in French) on board. Visitors and volunteer dog-walkers are welcome to come see her in Brooklyn.

Click here for some more pictures that Scott took of Reny last night.


Jeff said...

Super cute!

turkey said...

This is all VERY exciting!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Reny sounds like Jenni!


Bernhard Warner said...

why do 'cute animal' posts always attract the most comments? Must have something to do with the puppy lobby that combs the blogosphere for these things...

Cool pup, guys! Looks like he has a favorite place "crash corner" already.