Tuesday, April 29

Two (or three) great tastes that go great together

Ok this is just geektastic. I give you:

Battlstar GalacticSimponsons (fracking awesome!)

And WireSimpsons (The players have four fingers but the game remains the same)

Above: D'Angelo teaches Body and Wallace how to play chess.

Monday, April 28

Weekend at Reny's

IMG_4963, originally uploaded by scottcampbell5000.

Reny is coming out of her shell, two weeks after leaving the shelter. That means she's a lot more playful and rambunctious, and occasionally a bad little puppy. We love her just the same -- maybe even a bit more.

Thanks to Scott for the photo.

Monday, April 21

Tina Fey on how best to exploit yourself

"Ladies, don't show your knockers to Joe Francis. Get your own camera, film your own knockers and get the money."

Photo: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Saturday in the park with Reny

Thanks Alexis!

Save Ferris!

I've been searching for years for the soundtrack to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Turns out it doesn't exist -- John Hughes thought the mix of songs was too eclectic to sell. But Ferris fans have tracked down the songlist, which I present to you in part here.

(PS -- Looks like pop-o-matic was a fan as well).

SeeqPod - Playable Search

Friday, April 18

They tried to make him go to rehab and he said "NO - I'M RICHARD QUEST!"

In the least surprising news story of the millennium so far, CNN TV personality Richard Quest was arrested in Central Park at 3:30 this morning for methamphetamine possession.

Quest on the Queen, and meatballs, and things: "THAT IS THE WAY YOU DO IT!"

Jon Stewart tortures Jon Oliver with the threat of Quest:

Hard to Handle: Otis, the Dead and the Crowes

Hard to Handle - Otis Redding
(the original, released posthumously in '68)
Hard to Handle - The Black Crowes (the best-known)
Hard to Handle - Etta James (the Otis tribute)
Hard to Handle - The Grateful Dead (Fillmore East, 2/14/70)
Hard to Handle - Patti Drew (Capitol Records '68)
Hard to Handle - Toots & the Maytals (the reggae version)
Hard to Handle - Henning Staekr (the country version)

Wednesday, April 16

Name that caption

This one is so easy, I'll take the obvious answer myself. I'm counting on you, dear reader, for more creative entries.

"Pull my finger."

Tuesday, April 15

Say hello to Reny


Say hello to our newest family member, Reny, who we adopted from the North Shore Animal League this weekend.

She's a 1-year-old mix: perhaps a sprinkle of Spitz, a dash of Shiba Inu and a dollop of Schipperke. She was apparently living on the cold, gritty streets of NYC before landing in a city shelter and then North Shore.

Amid the madhouse of the animal shelter, Reny stood out for her amazing levels of calm and affection. After we picked her out, we went through a similarly amazing amount of paperwork and bureaucratic foot-dragging (ZipCar late fee: $125). But it could have been worse. We watched one woman and her granddaughter get the third degree for burying a dead dog in the backyard 20 years ago, and the North Shore agent hinted that perhaps Grandma had buried a hobo or two back there as well.

Reny's turn-ons: licking toes, hanging out on the couch and furtive indoor peeing.
Reny's turn-offs: other dogs, peeing in the presence of others, and doggie treats (yes, even freeze-dried liver).

We doubtlessly have a few interesting weeks of pee-mopping and Monster Mutt obedience classes ahead of us, but we're thrilled to have Reny (name suggested by our friend Daniela because she looks so much like a fox, aka 'renard' in French) on board. Visitors and volunteer dog-walkers are welcome to come see her in Brooklyn.

Click here for some more pictures that Scott took of Reny last night.

New Banksy in London

banksy, originally uploaded by mac morrison.

From Flickr user Mac Morrison:

best of all it was done BEHIND a fence inside a sorting office yard! apparently he errected some scaffolding and did it behind there - presumably no one checked out his story!

Super RC Mario bottle Brothers

Will people ever run out of ways to play the Super Mario Brothers theme song? Not bloody likely.

Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles - Watch more free videos

Friday, April 11

H to the Izzo + V to the Izzay = P to the Izza

Turns out my favorite Brooklyn pizza joint Lucali got a visit from Jay-Zed and Beyonce this month. The New Yorker reported that owner Mark Iacono was a bit flustered and apologized to those who had to wait even longer than usual for a table: "They didn't even tell me they were coming! Usually they tell me first."

Except -- whoops -- it turns out Iacono was hustling a table of three women out the door 30 minutes before Brooklyn's royalty showed up and -- double whoops -- one of them was a food blogger:

"His whole bit about how he didn't know they were coming was extremely annoying, because actually he kicked us out so they could have our table, right next to him," Jane McGivney said.

Of course, you can't swing a dead cat these days in Brooklyn without hitting a food blogger, so celeb-fucking restaurant owners beware!

Controversy aside, Lucali's pizza is really, really, really effin good. Check out the picture I took:


Jay-Z/Beyonce Photo: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Previously on Lost: "What?"

Wait, what?

Thursday, April 10

NKOTB -- As creepy as they ever were

“Our fans are between 25 and 35 now because they were really young then. They’re still very attractive — and very legal."
-- Joey McIntryre on the New Kids' return to touring.

More from Popbitch:
The world needs them. Back when Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan and Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood were megastars they were able to heal the sick. At a New York concert, a young autistic girl was attending with her older siblings and mother. Suddenly she snapped into lucidity, grabbed her mother and said her first words “I want Joe.”
Luckily for Joe, she should be nice and "legal" by now. Ick.

Wednesday, April 9

George Clooney vs Osama

When Kelly told me last night that she'd be coming to bed as soon as she finished the George Clooney profile in the New Yorker, I knew it would be a while -- the thing is like 20 pages long!

Still, a nice job by Ian Parker, who writes that "Clooney’s masculinity is ambitious: he is a pickup artist, a flicker of locker-room towels."

Then my favorite quote:
Clooney, in 2005, speaking about suicide bombers: “But, really, who wants seventy virgins? I want eight pros.”

Tuesday, April 8

Sinnerman: Nina, Lauryn, and more

I'm a little obsessed with this song. Can you tell?

Sinnerman - Nina Simone

Sinner Man - Bob Marley & the Wailers

Oh Sinner Man - Nina & Frederick

Get By - Talib Kweli

Oh Timbaland - Timbaland

Oh Sinnerman - Alvin Ailey (video)

Lauryn Hill (live in Copenhagen)

Lauryn (live in Brooklyn)

Nuestro Pequeño Mundo

Gregory Isaacs

The Thomas Crowne Affair

Inland Empire

The Seekers

Soda and his Million Piece Band

Sister Shout

Black Diamond Heavies

Monday, April 7

Gary Busey: High on Dogs

What color is the sky in Gary Busey's world? If you had any doubts after this year's Oscars, when he gave Jennifer Garner a poorly received red carpet neck nuzzle, check out the following anecdote from Maxim.
What was the freakiest thing you ever snorted blow off of when you were a prominent coke fiend?

I came home one day, took off my windbreaker, and three bindles of cocaine fell to the floor. Well, my dog, Chili, who has short hair, came in and laid on her back with her legs in the air, and she rubbed all my cocaine on her back and side. I yelled, "No, Chili! No" So I got a straw, and I started brushing her hair and snorting where I saw cocaine. Back, butt, side -- not a spot was left. It took me 25 minutes to snort all the cocaine the dog had on her coat. The fringe benefits of this were that the fleas, the dog hair, the mud, and the sweat went in my nose, too. It's not a good flavor coming off the dog.

For more chuckles, check out this clip from the reality (if you can call it that) show "I'm with Busey."

Tuesday, April 1

The correct answer is "sand," Betty

One of the strangest "Match Game" moments ever.

The question: "Dale was such a good salesman he could sell blank to the Arabs."

The contestant and nearly all the panelists answer: "oil."

Gene Rayburn: "Now, there is another answer here."

Betty White: "Yes, I know what you're thinking Gene, I was thinking of it too: Jewish persons."