Tuesday, March 25

Still in Love with Al Green

The silky smooth voice of the revered Reverend Al Green has been known to make women faint, grown men cry and is probably responsible for a sizeable percentage of all babies conceived in America from the 1970s onward.

I had a roommate in college who nearly wore out the grooves on my copy of "I'm Still in Love With You" in his attempts to get laid. (Former roomie, you know who you are!) I wasn't mad at him, even if I had to spend the night on the couch. Just look at the white suit, black socks and wicker furniture!

The Reverend has been through a few ups and down, including a truly tragic incident with a suicidal woman and a pot of boiling grits. That led to Al setting aside secular music for a decade.

He's been back making R&B records for the last few years. Perhaps understandably, his songs didn't quite reach the amazing heights of his mid-1970s prime. But that may about to change.

Al has teamed up with ?uestlove and a group of modern-day R&B stars -- not to mention Bushwick's own Daptones Horns -- for a new album that harkens back to his heyday with Willie Mitchell at Hi Records. Check out the result:

Al Green feat. Anthony Hamilton: You Got The Love I Need Babe

I've been listening to this one all morning. The full album drops on May 27.

Extra-large tip of the hat to the always brilliant music blog Soul Sides.


Dr Zibbs said...

Al Green is one of the kings indeed.

Anonymous said...

Both Al Green and Stevie Wonder are playing at Jazz Fest this year in New Orleans...