Friday, March 7

It's Always Sunny and will be once more

"The Gang Gets a Sub-Prime Loan"?

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" -- the sickest, wrongest, and yes, funniest show on TV -- is back this fall, and series creator Rob "Mac" McElhenny is looking to take on the issues of the day:

"To me there's nothing more tragic right now then the subprime mortgage crisis. These people are losing their homes left and right. And we thought, 'How can we have these characters take advantage of that situation?'"

Also, brace yourselves for the return of Day Man ("Fighter of the Night Man/Master of the Sun"):

"We are thinking about doing a Day Man/Night Man rock opera, in the vein of Tommy. The whole show wouldn't itself be a musical, but we'd perform a musical within the episode, so that way you can see us in between. Maybe it's the story of how Day Man came to be the ruler of the universe."

If you've somehow forgotten, my Day Man remix is here.

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