Wednesday, March 26

And you thought your sex life was weird...

Birds do it, bees do it....apparently even leopard slugs do it, and you would not believe the kinky shit they get into.

Check out the video below, accompanied by tasteful music and narrated by noted slug porn fetishist David Attenborough.

It all begins with a slime trail:

"suddenly, the pair release their hold on the branch and begin to slide downwards on a rope of mucous..."

"each everts its male organ from just behind it's head. these grow longer and longer, then they too begin to entwine..."

Mixtape Wednesday

Here Come the Girls

  • Nicole Willis And The Soul Investigators - Feeling Free
  • Ernie K-Doe - Here Come the Girls
  • Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
  • Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Tell Me
  • Etta James - Baby What You Want Me to Do
  • Aretha Franklin with Ray Charles - Ain't But The One
  • Barbara & Ernie - Play With Fire
  • Betty Wright - Shoorah
  • Minnie Riperton - Baby This Love I Have
  • Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
  • The Supremes - Bad Weather
  • Nicole Willis And The Soul Investigators - Outro

Tuesday, March 25

Home for Purim

Check out the Reuters slideshow of Ultra-Orthodox Jews cutting loose on Purim, a holiday that includes more than a little kosher wine. The party really gets started around slide #10.

Still in Love with Al Green

The silky smooth voice of the revered Reverend Al Green has been known to make women faint, grown men cry and is probably responsible for a sizeable percentage of all babies conceived in America from the 1970s onward.

I had a roommate in college who nearly wore out the grooves on my copy of "I'm Still in Love With You" in his attempts to get laid. (Former roomie, you know who you are!) I wasn't mad at him, even if I had to spend the night on the couch. Just look at the white suit, black socks and wicker furniture!

The Reverend has been through a few ups and down, including a truly tragic incident with a suicidal woman and a pot of boiling grits. That led to Al setting aside secular music for a decade.

He's been back making R&B records for the last few years. Perhaps understandably, his songs didn't quite reach the amazing heights of his mid-1970s prime. But that may about to change.

Al has teamed up with ?uestlove and a group of modern-day R&B stars -- not to mention Bushwick's own Daptones Horns -- for a new album that harkens back to his heyday with Willie Mitchell at Hi Records. Check out the result:

Al Green feat. Anthony Hamilton: You Got The Love I Need Babe

I've been listening to this one all morning. The full album drops on May 27.

Extra-large tip of the hat to the always brilliant music blog Soul Sides.

Clay pigeons are for wusses

Check out Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson as he shoots down entire cars with a riot gun, machine gun, and eventually, an anti-tank missile. - Watch more free videos

Can't wait till Xmas

Since my wife has spilled the beans about my hobby, I've been thinking about the best way to thank her.

My search has ended!

Monday, March 24

Hillary 'sniper' story Sinbad

Hillary has been trotting out a story to burnish her foreign affairs credentials, recounting how she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia and was forced to run from the plane. The tale was supposed to illustrate "a harrowing international experience that makes her tested and ready to answer a 3 a.m. phone call at the White House."

Not so fast, says David Adkins, better known as Sinbad. Turns out he was on the same place, along with Sheryl Crow. In an interview with the Washington Post, he said the "scariest" part of the trip was wondering where he'd eat next.

"I think the only 'red-phone' moment was: 'Do we eat here or at the next place," he said.

Unless the U.S. military was attempting to get rid of two C-List celebrities, it seems unlikely they would have sent Sinbad and Sheryl -- let alone the First Lady -- into harm's way.

Wednesday, March 19

Choose Your Own Caption

From Prince Charles' recent mission to, ahem, "promote environmental protection" in Jamaica.

My nominee: "Be a good chap and pass the dutchie to the left hand side."

Thursday, March 13


Sing it with me: Duna-nana, Duna-nana -- *CLAP* *CLAP*.

The CW is developing a contemporary spinoff of Aaron Spelling's seminal 1990s teen soap "Beverly Hills, 90210," according to the Hollywood Reporter.
"Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas is in talks to pen the project, which has been put on the fast track by the network.

Details about the spinoff -- including which if any of the characters on the original series will make the transition to the new show -- remain sketchy. CW is expected to make a decision whether to order a pilot by the end of the month.

You won't believe your ears

Easily the coolest thing I've heard this week. Play the YouTube clip below, wearing headphones, with your eyes closed. And then tell me you don't agree.

(Via an article from New Scientist, which offers four other illusions)

Monday, March 10

"The Wire" ends; real-life drama begins

The Wire's finale aired last night, but now a real-life wiretap drama looks to be just as interesting.

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has been "caught on a federal wiretap arranging to meet with a high-priced prostitute at a Washington hotel last month," the NYTimes reported in a monster scoop this afternoon.

Sex, corruption, politics ... all we're missing is some crack, a lying reporter and maybe a failing school district and we've got the whole show right there!

Or, as New York Magazine succinctly put it:

BREAKING: Eliot Spitzer Completes Tommy Carcetti's Character Arc

As for the story itself, I particularly like this part, from the affidavit against the prostitution ring, filed last week. Lewis is a defendant, Client 9 is reportedly Spitzer.
LEWIS continued that from what she had been told "he (a reference to client 9) would ask you to do things that, like you might not think were safe."

Kristen responded "I have a way of dealing with that. I'd be like listen dude, you really want the sex?"
The rules change, but the Game remains the same...

Friday, March 7

Nasty Neckface in Brooklyn

Nasty Neckface in Brooklyn

Is this the Van of Neckface? Or just another of his urban canvases? Spotted in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn this morning on my walk to the train.

Has Warren Ellis been watching 'Lost,' you think?

Warren Ellis has a new web comic called Freak Angels about a group of telepathic teenagers in post-apocalyptic London...or something. Check out the excerpt below and tell me it doesn't sound incredibly similar to last week's Desmond-centric episode of "Lost."

It's Always Sunny and will be once more

"The Gang Gets a Sub-Prime Loan"?

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" -- the sickest, wrongest, and yes, funniest show on TV -- is back this fall, and series creator Rob "Mac" McElhenny is looking to take on the issues of the day:

"To me there's nothing more tragic right now then the subprime mortgage crisis. These people are losing their homes left and right. And we thought, 'How can we have these characters take advantage of that situation?'"

Also, brace yourselves for the return of Day Man ("Fighter of the Night Man/Master of the Sun"):

"We are thinking about doing a Day Man/Night Man rock opera, in the vein of Tommy. The whole show wouldn't itself be a musical, but we'd perform a musical within the episode, so that way you can see us in between. Maybe it's the story of how Day Man came to be the ruler of the universe."

If you've somehow forgotten, my Day Man remix is here.

Tuesday, March 4

The World Tour

Just back from an amazing trip to Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand -- if I close my eyes, midtown Manhattan goes away and I can still see that perfect beach at Rai Leh...

Here's a little taste: