Friday, February 1

It's time to match the stars -- again!

Ever since the old game show Match Game magically started appearing on my TiVo (thanks Seth!) I have been a man obsessed. I was a bit too old to see the show the first time around, so it's all new to me: The suave double entendres of Gene Rayburn, the barbed repartee of Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly, the boozy charm of Richard Dawson...I could go on.

Watching Match Game is like being a fly on the wall at a 1973 cocktail party: Everybody is boozing, smoking, and cracking wise. The game itself is besides the point -- I honestly don't think Gene & Co. really know or care about the rules.

So there I was, watching Match Game daily, spending my hard-earned cash on DVDs and play-at-home games, when this announcement landed. Match Game is coming back, baby!
Good news? Well, maybe. The company that owns the rights to Match Game is the same one that owns American Idol, and if they choose somebody like Ryan Seacrest to host, that would be a crime against all that is good and holy on this Earth. More broadly, will they be able to maintain the raunchy, politically incorrect tone that is the key to the show's allure?

Let's point FremantleMedia North America in the right direction by nominating some modern-day personalities as host and guests on Match Game. I'll start it off. Add your own answers in comments.

Host: ??


Wanda Sykes
Stephen Colbert
Amy Sedaris
Sarah Silverman
David Cross
Stephen Wright
The mummified corpse of Nipsey Russell

To get you in the spirit of things, here's a clip from 1975:


JDizzle said...

OMG!!!! I love the match game so much. Beeps and I are big, big fans. I was sad when Brett & Charles died. I have a t-shirt w/ Charles on it.

I hope the new show can do it justice. Although, like you said, so many things are allowed to be said on TV that the implications of the answers won't be nearly as funny.

Jeff said...

Host - Jeff McKinney

Dr Zibbs said...

I nominate: Jimmy JJ Walker, Principal Blackman, Rodney Allen Rippy and Paul F Tompkins