Wednesday, January 9

What the Hell happened on the Wire?

I watched the new episode last night -- No. 52 (they release new eps on Monday on HBO-on-demand). I don't want to give anything away, but can someone please tell me WHAT THE EFFING EFF happened in the last scene? I watched it three times and still don't understand.

CAUTION: Spoiler warning. Use your mouse and click and drag over the block of gray to reveal the spoiler.

McNulty on some serious Sherlock Holmes shit: "There's a serial killer in Baltimore. He preys on the weakest among us. He needs to be caught."

Leave your answers in the comments section.


Kitty said...

I do not watch the wire, but am very impressed with the way you did that grey box. Very high tech indeed.

wirenewbie said...

Please help this Wire arriviste understand what happened with Marlo and Sergey. One minute Sergey says only wimps think this is real prison; then Marlo mumbles stuff and Sergey folds like a cheap card-table, looks all contrite and agrees to do what Marlo wants. Huh? What'd he say???