Wednesday, January 2

Welcome back, McNutty

The Wire is back, baby! The show's 5th season doesn't officially start until Sunday, Jan. 6, but it's already available via HBO On Demand. Did you really think I could wait after hearing that??

I'll leave out any details for those who haven't seen, but it's safe to say that Jimmy McNulty, the Wire's original protagonist and spiritual center is right back up in the mix.

Good old McNutty (as Bubbles calls him) went and got himself cleaned up at the end of Season 3 -- in fact he was the only successful example of reform that year, after Bunny Colvin and Stringer Bell were thwarted in their respective efforts to clean up the game.

In Season 4 Jimmy was mostly on the sidelines, on the wagon and shacked up in domestic tranquility. At the very end, he got pulled back in by the bodies in the deserted row houses, as well as the untimely death of Bodie.

Now in Season 5, Jimmy is back up to his old tricks -- drinking too much and man-slutting his way through the dive bars of Baltimore. And he is symbolizing the sad state of Baltimore's police department, which can't seem to crack Marlo's squad or even pay its own people the money they're owed.

Michael K. Williams, who plays Omar, had this to say:
Everyone’s off the hook; no one trusts anyone. Everyone questions the way things are operating on the street level, in the police department, in the newsroom. Like McNulty, he’s way off the hook this year. He’s doing things that are totally outrageous, questioning authority, and trying to find the truth. He goes way off the deep end this year.
So glad to have the Wire back! In no particular order, to the aforementioned characters plus Kima, Snoop, Bunk, Prop Joe, Rawls, Herc, Carver, Cutty, Daniels, Cheese, Slim Charles, Clay and Prez -- I missed you guys.

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