Friday, December 14

The Wire's Felicia Pearson -- live on WNYC

I'm listening to a great interview on WYNC with Felicia Pearson, who plays the stone-cold hitwoman Snoop on The Wire. She's got a memoir out and is also doing press for Season 5, which premiers Jan. 6 on HBO.

The interview is archived here.

Kottke notes: "It's apparent from the interview that she doesn't so much act in The Wire as play herself." Nevertheless, she says in the interview that she has several new acting gigs in the works.

Felicia came to the attention of The Wire's producers after introducing herself to Michael K. Williams at a club, saying: "You'll never believe this, but I'm a girl." In the WNYC interview, she talks about being a gay woman on the streets of Baltimore. Williams' character Omar is of course noted for being TV's most famous gay gangster (a much better portrayal than fat Vito on the Sopranos).

Here's a NY Times profile of Snoop -- both the character and the actress, who uses the nickname in real life. And here's a great Fresh Air interview with Wire co-creator Ed Burns, where he talks about Snoop at length.

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