Wednesday, December 5

Wednesday Goodies

Prequels to The Wire: Omar's first stick-up, Bunk meets McNulty, and Prop Joe in grade school (via Kottke). Next and final season premieres January 6 -- an early happy birthday to me!

UPDATE -- More great promos all gathered here featuring McNulty, Marlo, Omar, Carcetti and Bubbles (who we learn was born Reginald Cousins).

Now, I hate almost all TV ads, especially since the blessed TiVo entered my life, but I found British ads to be particularly crap -- low production values, no humour, just painfully bad. Apparently I'm not alone (NSFW language).

Check out that rather touching letter that then-Pres. Bill Clinton wrote to Chris Webber after his massive "time-out" blunder (probably) cost Michigan the 1993 NCAA championship. Especially apt when the pre-Lewinsky Clinton writes about the "countless mistakes" he has made.

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