Thursday, December 13

Secret Latkes

I love secret restaurants in New York, so when I read about a hidden kosher deli nestled inside the Diamond District (thanks again, Midtown Lunch), I had to check it out.

To reach the Diamond Dairy (no, they don't milk cows there -- it means that it's non-meat to abide by kosher laws), you enter a huge complex at #4 West 47th St that is home to dozens of independent jewelers, each with their own small patch of real estate.

I had to make a few circuits before I spotted the staircase (back left as you enter) that leads up to the D.D. I pulled up a seat at the bar and ordered the small latkes and a few minutes later two perfect specimens were placed in front of me with apple sauce and sour cream.

I'd give the latkes a B+ (not quite crispy enough) but the secret joy of unearthing a hidden New York eatery bumped up the lunch to an A.

photo credit: Midtown Lunch

Next up -- again via Midtown Lunch -- a Peruvian lunchcounter in an elevator bay.

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Kitty said...

Awesome, I LOVE secret places. I hope this is a regular feature here on MonkeyDaemon!