Wednesday, December 12

Lucali -- Brooklyn's Best Pizza?

I have worshipped at the church of Grimaldi's and made the lengthy pilgramage to DiFara's, but I never really found Brooklyn pizza nirvana until Sunday night, when my wife and I walked deep into Carroll Gardens to Lucali -- a bare bones pizza joint with the best damn crust I have ever had.

Lucali's is small and popular, so expect a wait. Every pie is handmade by owner Mark Iacono, although he does have a few helpers. We got there at 6:40, less than an hour after it opened, and there was already a healthy crowd outside. Bad news: It was raining. Good news: The place is BYOB, so everyone was happily drinking on the sidewalk. Bad news: We had a bottle of wine but no corkscrew.

No matter -- less than 30 minutes later we were in. No menu, and few choices: We went with the classic pizza margherita and weren't disappointed. Crust scorched, almost blackened by the 750 degree oven; riddled with big, chewy air bubbles; a tangy, sweet sauce and just enough fresh mozzarella sprinkled with grana cheese post-oven. Each slice stood up nice and proud when you lifted it off the pan -- no drooping.

Total cost of the meal? $30 for two people.


JenniB said...

Can we go when I get back?

Jenni "Carb lover" B

Kitty said...

Husband and I are in!

Bernhard said...

from the land of pizza, I'd day that looks really damn good.... did they happen to have a pine nut/raisin/wild fennel/yellow pepper number on the menu? I've only seen that pulled off once in my life, prepared in a backyard oven, amid some controversy, if I recall.

Anonymous said...

What/how many did you order for it to be $30?