Thursday, December 13

Ike Turner: He was your garbage man

Ike Turner was not a nice man. I don't think anyone, especially Tina, is disputing that. But can we stipulate that a lot of very talented artists are assholes or worse? I don't think that completely invalidates the historic and funky music that Ike put out, either during the birth of rock'n'roll, during his days singing alongside his wife in the Ike & Tina Revue, or in his solo days.

Lots of great music over at Hype Machine, but I'd like to highlight a few particular favorites:
  • Garbage Man: "I know I'm dirty and everything but I just want a bit of your time...I got some lovely curtains, it'd look beautiful hangin in your kitchen window."
  • I Feel Alright - Live from the University of Maine, Portland in 1974. Download the whole concert here.
  • Getting Nasty - Just a sweet, soulful piano jam, used to great effect by Jurassic 5 in "Concrete Schoolyard."

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