Tuesday, December 4

Fat tastes good

I'm a little late in posting about an excellent, fun and tasty Thanksgiving dinner, but my friend, the noted bon vinant food photographer Scott Campbell, has finally posted his photos from the evening. Click here to see them all.

It was an eclectic crew in Brooklyn, and I'm glad to say that everyone got along swimmingly, thanks in part to the ultimate social lubricant. Not alcohol -- Guitar Hero.

Oh, and the food? Well, check out the menu and the corresponding flavor agent/animal fat.

Brussel Sprouts (bacon)
Turkey (confit'd in a mixture of duck and pork fat, pictured above)
Mashed potatoes (large quantities of butter)
Stuffing (bacon, pork fat, and butter)
Apple and Pecan Pie (duck fat, shortening)

Suffice it to say, it was an epic feast. Two days in the kitchen for me and my mom, less than an hour for everyone to eat to their heart's content (and then some). I stressed about the turkey (we also did a traditional one) but at the end of the night I had the ultimate seal of approval: No leftovers.


Kitty said...

turkey looks awesome.

you used duck fat in a pie?

Adam said...

Yeah, just like they used to use lard, we used duck fat. It came out super flaky and delicious, and didn't taste at all like duck.

JDizzle said...

Are you gonna get Rock Band???

Adam said...

I want to, Jdiz, but it's not out for Wii yet.