Thursday, December 6

Ernie K-Doe: Here Come the Girls

Forget watching the video below, and just listen to the song. Ernie K-Doe's "Here Come the Girls" is a banging New Orleans soul track with an addictive beat.

It was featured in a British drug store ad and is now taking the country by storm -- amazingly it has a good shot at being the Christmas No. 1 (a big deal in the UK; the songs don't usually have anything to do the holiday itself).

"I can live without coffee, I can live without tea, and I'm leery bout the honey bee/A Philly steak, I can leave or take, but the girls are a part of me."

Ernie K-Doe was best known for his song "Mother-In-Law" -- read more about him over on the Funky 16 Corners blog.

If you want to download "Here Come the Girls," you can buy it at Soul Jazz or on iTunes, listen on Hype Machine or rip from the YouTube video using Vixy.

(via Popbitch)

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