Monday, November 5

Just say no to 'McSpaced'

Discord is in the air with news that schlok Hollywood director McG is remaking the cult Brit TV series "Spaced," created by Simon Pegg and the team behind "Shaun of the Dead."

Spaced is -- was -- a brilliant one-camera sitcom about two 30-something slackers in the late 1990s who pass their days in a haze of self-delusion and "Star Wars" references. In fact, "Spaced" may have more mentions of Star Wars than any show in the history of television, including a running gag about the terribleness of "Phanton Menace." It ran for a mere 14 episodes over two seasons, in the enviable Brit style of not stringing out shows until their ratings and/or quality decline.

While "The Office" has shown that good UK -> US remakes are possible, that show was wise enough to enlist creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant to consult on the transition. No such luck with "Spaced." Pegg and his co-creator Edgar Wright were not invited to work on the new show, virtually ensuring its crapitude.

Wright writes on his blog:
We've gone long enough preserving the memory of the original by not doing a third series, not to mention turning down SHAUN TV versions and sequels. Getting involved with this would be a insult to the fans who've supported the show for nearly ten years.

Put simply I wouldn't want to get involved in a new version of the show for fear of it being our very own PHANTOM MENACE.
Check out below a tiny eyedropper of Spaced goodness below -- it has inspired me and missus to do a series of totally aweome pantomimed gun battles. And for god sakes, get yourself a region-free DVD player and order up the original before the craptacular forces of American television takes a dump on what once was.

UPDATE: At least there's one piece of good news. Variety reports that the original is "almost set to be released Stateside, after a long delay over the clearance of music rights."


Jeff said...

If this US version is half as bad as McG's Charlie's Angels, then it just might turn into the worse thing on TV.

Anonymous said...

Hi - i'm Katie, and a while ago i created a petition online title "McSpaced - JUST SAY NO!!!" (strangely similar to the title of this blog). I don't expect anything to happen from it, but just the action of putting my anger out onto the internet was enough for me.

If you'd like to do the same, go to:

Yes, its just a name on an electronic list of geeks, and nothing will happen from it, but it can't hurt, can it?