Thursday, November 8

Happy Birthday Minnie

Minnie Riperton, blessed with one of the most amazing voices that music has ever known, would have been 60 years old today.

In honor of the occasion, the awesome music blog Fufu Stew has a huge post that contains not one but two collections of her music -- one from her solo career, and another from her days with the progressive rock band Rotary Connection.

If you don't know Minnie, or only know a few songs, these downloadable box sets are the perfect way to get to know her spine-tingling sound.

Minnie was beloved by, among others, Stevie Wonder. She sang in his backup group Wonderlove and he later produced her album "Perfect Angel," containing the monster hit "Lovin' You."

As a bonus, Fufu Stew provides a bonus track of Stevie singing "Perfect Angel" and "Lovin’ You" at the Soul Train special celebrating Minnie's life.

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Sinafter said...

Thanks for pointing this out, I had been looking out for some Rotary Connection. Minnie rules.