Tuesday, November 27

Chains Eyeing Brooklyn

One of the nice things about Brooklyn, or at least the part where I live, is that there aren't a million and one chain stores. You still find Starbucks, but not every block. Looks like that may not last long.

The NY Daily News reports that the likes of Duane Reed and Chase bank want to open dozens of Brooklyn outlets. Starbucks alone wants 75 more stores in Brooklyn over the next three years.

While this might be welcome news in the areas that are just starting to gentrify, where a Starbucks means often means the tipping point has been reached, does anyone really think this is a good idea for the borough overall? Part of the charms of Brooklyn are the neighborhood spots like Gorilla Coffee and Victory. Obviously this doesn't apply quite the same way for banks and drug stores, but the general point is the same.

As an aside -- my wife works for Chase (originally for one of the banks that was acquired by it) and in our old Ft Greene apartment, the giant Chase motto used to beam into our bedroom window like a ghostly Death Star, reminding her that she had to go to work the next day.

I'd hate for those same corporate logos to invade Brooklyn even more, but I fear it's going to happen anyway.

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Jeff said...

You can always move up to the country where there isn't a chain as far as the eye can see.

Kitty said...

75 more starbucks? Are there even that many neighborhoods in brooklyn? no! there aren't.

JDizzle said...

Your apartment would be the perfect location for a piercing pagoda.