Wednesday, November 28

So that's what the beehive is for!

When Amy's beehive hairdo "isn't embarrassingly falling off her head, it doubles as an onstage snort stash," Stereogum reports.

Check her out at a concert in Zurich earlier this month. First she plays around with her hair for a while, and then....Well, some of the commenters note that she "may just be cleaning her nose." Watch the video and judge for yourself.

After a series of cancellations and unhappy audiences, Wino has cancelled her tour, claiming that she "can't give it my all onstage" with her husband incarcerated.

Tuesday, November 27

Chains Eyeing Brooklyn

One of the nice things about Brooklyn, or at least the part where I live, is that there aren't a million and one chain stores. You still find Starbucks, but not every block. Looks like that may not last long.

The NY Daily News reports that the likes of Duane Reed and Chase bank want to open dozens of Brooklyn outlets. Starbucks alone wants 75 more stores in Brooklyn over the next three years.

While this might be welcome news in the areas that are just starting to gentrify, where a Starbucks means often means the tipping point has been reached, does anyone really think this is a good idea for the borough overall? Part of the charms of Brooklyn are the neighborhood spots like Gorilla Coffee and Victory. Obviously this doesn't apply quite the same way for banks and drug stores, but the general point is the same.

As an aside -- my wife works for Chase (originally for one of the banks that was acquired by it) and in our old Ft Greene apartment, the giant Chase motto used to beam into our bedroom window like a ghostly Death Star, reminding her that she had to go to work the next day.

I'd hate for those same corporate logos to invade Brooklyn even more, but I fear it's going to happen anyway.

via Racked

Monday, November 19

Friday, November 16

Who wants bacon?

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Burial Grounds of the Caribbean

Come to the "Happiest Place on Earth." Enjoy the family-themed entertainment, including the rides which have been cross-marketed into Hollywood blockbusters.

But please, people -- stop dumping your loved one's ashes during the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Haunted Mansion is much more appropriate.

Not the Daily Show with Not Jon Stewart

Thursday, November 8

Wii Skii

What does skiing have to do with the Wii (besides being among the only words with a double-i) ?

If the screenshots from this game are to be believed, the two will be a match made in magical fun-land.

The Tokyo Mango blog reports:
Using the Wiimote and nunchuck as poles, you can zoom down all kinds of terrain—glaciers, moguls, half-pipes. And you even get to customize your avatars—pick one of 24 faces and combine them with your own look: cool t-shirt skier, the trendy matching ski bunny, or the serious slalom racer.Coming on the heels of Guitar Hero and Table Tennis, it seems the Wii games are getting much better.
More screenshots here.

Happy Birthday Minnie

Minnie Riperton, blessed with one of the most amazing voices that music has ever known, would have been 60 years old today.

In honor of the occasion, the awesome music blog Fufu Stew has a huge post that contains not one but two collections of her music -- one from her solo career, and another from her days with the progressive rock band Rotary Connection.

If you don't know Minnie, or only know a few songs, these downloadable box sets are the perfect way to get to know her spine-tingling sound.

Minnie was beloved by, among others, Stevie Wonder. She sang in his backup group Wonderlove and he later produced her album "Perfect Angel," containing the monster hit "Lovin' You."

As a bonus, Fufu Stew provides a bonus track of Stevie singing "Perfect Angel" and "Lovin’ You" at the Soul Train special celebrating Minnie's life.

Wednesday, November 7

Wednesday Weirdness

Georgian riot police are apparently 'Star Wars' fans, or maybe there was just a post-Halloween sale on Stormtrooper masks. Either way, I hope those rebel protesters have a high midichlorian count.

Frank Reynolds -- I mean Danny DeVito -- has his own limoncello? All you have to do is stick some lemons and sugar in a jar of grain alcohol, but hey, good show, mate. The really creepy part is the little commercial ditty he uses to promote it. Click through on this link to listen.

Monday, November 5

Just say no to 'McSpaced'

Discord is in the air with news that schlok Hollywood director McG is remaking the cult Brit TV series "Spaced," created by Simon Pegg and the team behind "Shaun of the Dead."

Spaced is -- was -- a brilliant one-camera sitcom about two 30-something slackers in the late 1990s who pass their days in a haze of self-delusion and "Star Wars" references. In fact, "Spaced" may have more mentions of Star Wars than any show in the history of television, including a running gag about the terribleness of "Phanton Menace." It ran for a mere 14 episodes over two seasons, in the enviable Brit style of not stringing out shows until their ratings and/or quality decline.

While "The Office" has shown that good UK -> US remakes are possible, that show was wise enough to enlist creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant to consult on the transition. No such luck with "Spaced." Pegg and his co-creator Edgar Wright were not invited to work on the new show, virtually ensuring its crapitude.

Wright writes on his blog:
We've gone long enough preserving the memory of the original by not doing a third series, not to mention turning down SHAUN TV versions and sequels. Getting involved with this would be a insult to the fans who've supported the show for nearly ten years.

Put simply I wouldn't want to get involved in a new version of the show for fear of it being our very own PHANTOM MENACE.
Check out below a tiny eyedropper of Spaced goodness below -- it has inspired me and missus to do a series of totally aweome pantomimed gun battles. And for god sakes, get yourself a region-free DVD player and order up the original before the craptacular forces of American television takes a dump on what once was.

UPDATE: At least there's one piece of good news. Variety reports that the original is "almost set to be released Stateside, after a long delay over the clearance of music rights."

Friday, November 2

Tag -- I'm It

pop-o-matic "tagged" me; here is what I have to do:

A). Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...

B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...

C). Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs...

D). Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Here we go...

1. I once spent more than 3 hours and $400 in pursuit of a slice of pizza

2. My trademark toast is "Art Vandalay"

3. My job this year included interviews with Peter Gabriel and Archbishop Desmond Tutu

4. I am a Guitar Hero

5. Last month I wore two unmatched shoes to work -- twice

6. Adam Goldberg is no friend of mine

7. I am a master of karate and friendship for everyone (except Adam Goldberg)