Tuesday, October 30

Back from London

Heyo! Just spent a hectic but fun week in London, and I can report that:
  • Borough Market still rocks my culinary universe. Why on Earth does New York not have a place where you can both buy amazing produce and cheese (a la the Greenmarket) and also eat amazing food? When I went to Essex Street Market a few weeks back this seemed to be on the verge of happening, but there was of course nothing like the raclette, toasted cheeses, and chorizo sandwiches that Borough has in abundance.
  • People like to drink at English weddings. A lot. I knew it was a troubling sign when my table started playing drinking games between the appetizers and the main course. My last truly coherant memory was of the delicious "posh bangers and mash," although I do remember being truly befuddled that "Take Me Home, Country Road" is apparently a standard UK wedding signalong. Somewhere, John Denver is smiling.
  • St John is not just about the bone marrow and parsley "salad" which involves roasting beef bones and then scraping out the gelatinous marrow onto toast with sea salt. The process is messy and disgusting, which explains why my wife will no longer accompany me to this esteemed establishment, but oh my god is it delicious. When I went for lunch last week I ventured into the dessert menu and on the sage recommendation of my waiter tried the chocolate malt custard -- a ramekin with dense chocolate on top and velvety yellow malt custard beneath. New on the menu, you heard it blogged here first. Truly amazing.
Tonight, carrying on with the UK theme, the missus and I are going to see an interview with Philip Pullman, author of "His Dark Materials," the movie adaptation of which looks resoundingly kick-ass if the trailer is any indication.

And then I shall retire to my (Brooklyn) country manor, whereupon I shall:

Spend the rest of the evening on the Wii
Today I purchased Guitar Hero III
For those who art about to rock, we salute thee


JDizzle said...

We just got GHIII. Beeps has been ricking it hard core. We simply must get the band back together. If you are online looking for a dual, be sure to challenge Kokfarm to a rock-off!

Adam said...

Awesome! My band is, naturally, Dayman.

Jeff said...

Welcome home!

Damn those toasted cheeses sound good.

Kitty said...

please can we come over and play guitar hero?

Jeff said...

Hey Adam, Tag!

Go to my blog to find out what you have to do.