Wednesday, September 5

Only in New York, Kids

Sometimes I just love this city. It's the little moments. On my way back from a delicious lamb kebab pita, I was walking west on 45th St. toward Times Square.

Headed toward me:

1) A tall, stunning woman with translucent skin, in a slinky dress, entirely bald, texting madly on her Blackberry, presumably headed toward Fashion Week at Bryant Park.

Walking directly alongside:

2) A short Hasidic Jewish man, dressed like someone striaght out of an 18th-century Polish shetl, also text away madly on his own, identical Blackberry, presumably headed toward the Diamond District.

Neither man nor woman seemed to have any idea that they were walking alongside each other.


Julian said...

One of the moments I wish I had been there with my camera.

Jeff said...

New York is home to all walks of life!