Wednesday, September 26

My Jedi Journal

I was home in Michigan this weekend and I somehow ended up digging through a box in the basement that my mom has used as a repository of school papers and old letters that will benefit future scholars and/or form the 'early years' exhibit in my presidential library.

And this:

"My Jedi Journal: A special diary for Jedi Knights-In-Training"

I had no recollection of the Jedi Journal, but leafing through the pages -- each one featuring a cool little drawing of Yoda in the corner -- I saw that my dad gave it to me for Christmas, 1983 (age: 7), and we traded it back and forth, writing entries and questions for each other.

Seems I was an enthusiastic little blogger even then, although I could have used spellcheck.

A few selected entries:

Dear Adam:
If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go? Who would you take with you and why did you choose this place?

Dear Dad:
I would like to go to Disany land with you.

Dear Dad
for my reqist is to ask you to decein a oringenl star fighter and write on the next page.

(My dad's starfighter's was solar powered with a "cable TV hookup with choice of 2,000 movies")

Adam: write a poem, 10 lines, each starting with "I know"

Dad --

I know Math
I know reading
I know spelling [or so I thought!]
I know friendship
I know self-control
I know Games
I know Mom and Dad
I know Daniel [my brother]
I know Donald [my best friend]
I know a lot!


Carino said...

In terms of your future in the White House, I have another gem for you on your next trip. If you like, this file can suddenly disappear, for a price.

Kitty said...

"i know self-control"....???????

What exactly were they trainging you for in the Pasick house???

Rob said...

Question for the day: What does one need to do to be sure "the force is with you"?