Thursday, September 27

I heart Top Chef

I'm a longtime reality show hater but I can't help but love the foie gras out of Top Chef, which I now yearn for the way a dim sum addict pines for Saturday mornings.

In case you missed last night's episode (peace out Brian, you talent-less huckster), Anthony Bourdain and head honcho Tom Colicchio both have blogs up this morning.

A few excerpts follow.

Tony: "Casey won the Quickfire. And for those commentators here who wonder what "heart" or "soul" means -- in relation to food (The judges frequently reward Casey with the remark that her food is somehow more "soulful" than others. That she has "heart") -- let me make it simple for you. They mean her food has a pleasing FLAVOR. Got it now, conspiracy theorists? "Heart" does not mean "nice rack". "Soul" does not mean "looks like Jennifer Anniston". The woman is GOOD. How many times does she have to prove it? Give her the respect she deserves.

Tom: "I felt a bit bad for the chefs -- scaling and filleting a fish while hunched over a sawed-off stump is bad enough. Cooking said fish for Eric Ripert, chef of perhaps this country’s most revered seafood restaurant … yeah, that was kind of messed up."

Tony: "Back at the ranch -- with the country's premier seafood chef in attendance -- it was time to cook up a whole mess a' elk for some rodeo dudes. Why, exactly? I don't know. Is the rodeo a major sponsor? I doubt it. While former rodeo clowns constitute a major part of MY show's demographic (they like to watch on satellite from their meth labs), I don't really know what they were doing in the semi-finals of a cooking competition."

Is there any way tonight's episode won't weed out Dale, setting up a Hung-on-Casey battle royale in the final? Not that I can see...


JDizzle said...

Beeps and I love Anthony Bourdain. His no Reservations show makes me hungry as hell.

Jeff said...

I think the reason for the elk challenge was that cows are a major sponsor for the show.