Tuesday, September 11

Are you ready for some Meatballs?!

It's been a long time since I've been able to watch football -- at least the American kind -- after a few years in the UK. So when Ms. "My Husband Hates Veggies" and said husband came by last night to watch the season opening Monday Night Football on the big screen, I whipped up some celebratory meatball sliders.

Wowzers, they were good!

Following a recipe from Little Owl Chef Joey Campanaro, I bought some mixed ground pork and beef from my favorite local butcher (they were out of veal), added panko breadcrumbs, egg and cheese, and rolled up about 30 of the tasty little spheroids.

It was messy, squishy work, and I could have used one of those surgical hands-free sinks to clean the gunk off my hands, but it was still sort of fun.

After about a minute in the frying pan, they were simmered for 30 in a simple tomato sauce (except for a batch I finished in the oven for my wife, who is a meatball purist) and served up on rolls with extra sauce and some arugula.

We all scarfed them down while watching the stupidly entertaining Bengals - Ravens game. And all of a sudden I'm a football fan again!

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Kitty said...

how did I miss this post?

Ok, these meatballs were seriously delicious. And i could've eaten a whole platter of the plain ones by myself, which I hope I didn't...memory is fuzzy...