Monday, August 13

Welcome back, Mary-Louise

Everyone's favorite MILF, Mary-Louise Parker, and her legendary badonka-donk will be burning up my Tivo tonight with the return of Weeds, possibly the best TV show ever about a suburban widow who is forced -- forced, I tell you! -- to slang sticky icky medicinal herbals to keep her family in Range Rovers and private schools.

I have hearted MLP way back from the days of 'Fried Green Tomatoes,' 'West Wing' and 'Angels in America.' But as New York magazine notes this week in an interview, it was Billy Crudup's shameless dumping of a 7-months-preggers Mary-Louise (for the more and more obviously untalented Claire Danes) that set up the "optimistic dénouement" phase of her personal biography and possibly saved her from a B-List career, albeit one with a cult following.

What's in store for Weeds this season? Crazy Christians (Matthew Modine and Mary-Kate Olsen -- yes, that Olsen) and divorce attorneys (Carrie Fisher), but alas only a reported cameo by the awesomely crazy Zooey Deschanel, last seen kidnapping youngest son Shane Botwin for a wild and possibly kinky cross-country road trip.

At least one reviewer thinks that Nancy Botwin, MLP's character, has "ridden far enough on her pale skin and doe-eyed helplessness, and frankly, the "Oh, no, what do I do?" routine is getting tired." I'll take all the pale skin and doe-eyed helplessness I can get, but I can't disagree with this:

"It's time for Nancy to show a little less ba-donk-a-donk and a little more cojones."

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