Thursday, August 30

This is not my beautiful tamale

You gotta love the Red Hook ball fields, where a home-grown Latin food feast has quietly thrived for the last 30 years at the site of some city-owned soccer fields. For the last few years the scene has gone mainstream, with food bloggers, the New York Times and now David Byrne (proud owner of the pupusas and huaraches at right) singing the praises of the delicious and cheap food.

Now The Man, in the form of the Parks and Health Departments, is threatening to shut everything down. What can you do? Well, you could visit the Save Soccer Tacos website and register your support. But I would especially recommend checking out the scene yourself this weekend, because all permits may be revoked post-Labor Day. For a bit of pre-reading, visit the exemplary Porkchop Express blog and check out "Everything you always wanted to know about Red Hook, but were afraid to ask."

On my plate this weekend: goat tacos, sandle-sized huaraches, grilled corn with cheese, and lots and lots of aguas frescas and other tasty beverages. Mmmmmm....horchata.

And if the Ball Fields go away? Calvin Trillin floated a tantilizing suggestion in this week's New Yorker (criminally not available online) at the conclusion an article about the street vendors in Singapore, who in the interest of hygiene and modernity have been housed in food courts that put their pitiful American counterparts to shame.

Trillin proposes creating an all-star New Yorker food vendor paradise, filled with the very best New Yorker street food, including the famous Jackson Heights Arepa Lady, a few banh mi vendors, the Washington Square dosa guy and of course, the culinary All Stars of the Red Hook Ball Fields.

UPDATE -- Kelly, Daniela and I went to the Ball Fields on Sunday and boy was it tasty!

Our tally:
1 grilled corn with lime, cheese and chili
3 aguas frescas -- lime, watermelon and cantelope
1 shrimp ceviche
2 cheese and bean pupusas
1 cabrito taco (that's goat, btw)

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Jeff said...

Hmmm, those pictures are making me hungry!