Thursday, July 12

More Conchords

Loved these songs, "If You're Into It" and "Sellotape," from Sunday night's episode of 'Flight of the Conchords.' (For non-Brits, Sello tape = Scotch tape)

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What was Prince Charles saying?

Wednesday, July 11

iPhone smoothie

For everyone who treats the iPhone like it's a religious icon, this one's for you.

You got shellfish in my beer

Most of you will think this sounds totally disgusting. Me? I'll try anything once.

Gotta love the super-sized can, too.


Tuesday, July 10

Let me Schlub you the right way

Friend of a friend Max Gross wrote this article for the New York Post about how Seth Rogen's star turn in 'Knocked Up' is making schlubby sexy.
Because of Seth Rogen, I’m so getting laid.

Suddenly, dieting and grooming don’t seem so important. Lovable geeks, particularly those with razor wits and difficulties with condoms, can still get a babe like Katherine Heigl.

At a recent screening, a co-worker of mine heard two knockouts discussing Rogen’s charms. “That’s what I need,” one said. “A dependable loser.”

Ladies, look no further!
Gross hit Bryant Park to see if the Rogen effect was as strong in practice as it is in theory. And what do you know -- he got digits the discerning woman in this photo.
“He’s kind of like Jack Black, which is what I like,” says Nicole Herold, an extraordinarily beautiful blond-haired actress and model when asked about Rogen. “I mean, people use what they have - it’s not about looks.”

I shyly ask for her number.

“Sure,” she says.

Thank you, Seth! You’ve won one for the schlubs.
As a happy postscript to this story, immediately after it was published my friend was talking to a female coworker who loved Rogen in 'Knocked Up.' My friend set up his coworker and Max, and several weeks later they're still going out!

Monday, July 9

Universal Humor

always funny, originally uploaded by Oscilloscope Studios.

From the Beastie Boys' on-tour Flickr stream, these words of wisdom: "No matter who where or what you are...farts are always funny."

Thursday, July 5

Happy weekend

Midweek 4th of July, meet your long-lost friend, the five day weekend. The weather sucks, but hey what better time to sack out in the AC in front of 'The Princess Bride.'

Tuesday, July 3

Rob Cordry's iPhone porn

She was the perfect weight and cool-to-the-touch, though I could easily imagine her getting pretty hot during conference calls. I turned her on. She jumped to life, her hi-res screen glowing, her slide-lock pulsing. My breath became short. Slowly, I slid my right index finger just above her chrome ring and unlocked her. She responded to my touch and soon we were somewhere else, a home screen or something.
It only gets worse when Rob introduces the iPhone to his starfish. Ick.