Thursday, June 28

Having a flutter on the Go-Karts

One of the best things about Britain's legalized gambling houses is they will often give odds on inane bets of the customer's own choosing, from the ending of the next Harry Potter book (if the wisdom of crowds can be trusted, Harry's a goner) to the color of the Queen's hat at Ascot.

This from the brilliant email newsletter Popbitch:
In 1998 a man watched his son soundly beaten in a go-kart race by a very fast young driver. He went to the bookies and asked to put a bet on this kid winning a Formula One race before he reached the age of 23.

William Hill laughed him out of the shop, but Ladbrokes gave him odds of 200-1. After this month's Montreal Grand Prix, where 22 year-old Lewis Hamilton recorded his first victory, the chap called up Ladbrokes to claim his winnings - 40,200 pounds.

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