Wednesday, June 13

Did you hate the Sopranos finale?

After some very hearty swearing at my TV and a good night's sleep, I'm coming to around to the conclusion that Sunday night's finale was actually an ambiguous masterpiece -- in death as in life. (For the record I think Tony got whacked by the trucker hat guy but of course there is plenty of room for interpretation.)

But just think how bad the Soprano's fat lady song could have been if it was on network TV. Blogger and TV scribe Ken Levine hypothesizes:
They would want the following changes in the last scene. Meadow should drive a Ford because that’s who is sponsoring. She should have no trouble parallel parking because Fords are easy to parallel park. The restaurant must be TGI Fridays – also a sponsor and much more colorful. The threat should come from a singing waiter wearing a straw hat, suspenders, and hundreds of fun buttons. A secondary threat should be an Arab terrorist with a scar. The Arab should pull his gun. The waiter should point his banjo (which is also a semi-automatic rifle). It looks like Tony, Carmela, and A.J. are done for it. Final commercial break. We come back just as Meadow bursts in the door with an Uzi and blows the bad guys away. Meadow, it seems, has just come from dance class and is wearing nothing but a hot leotards. Tony says, “That’s what I get for going to Fridays on Tuesday.” The family shares a laugh. Meadow sits down. Everyone hugs and declares their love for each other. Carmelo calls out, “Can we get ANOTHER waiter?” They laugh. One more hug. Long fade out, as music swells – Dino’s “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head”. Fade out. Your local news is next.

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