Thursday, May 24

Lost Season 3 wraps it up: Jack to the Future

Beware spoilers all ye who enter here...

A coupla random thoughts and questions:

-- Jack is a hateful cry-baby loser.

-- I very carefully freeze-framed the newspaper Jack got on the plane, and even with my ginormous projector couldn't glean any interesting details.

One partial headline read:
Residents Speak.....
Proposed Coastal...
I'm sure the Lost powers-that-be planned out very carefully what would and wouldn't be visibile to HDTVophiles.

-- HOWEVER...someone at the Lost Easter Eggs blog has determined that the headline came from an actual LA Times article from April 5, which seems to be about when the finale was being filmed. As the blog notes, "the date would indicate that the time [of Jack's flash-forward] is the present."

-- Later we see the newspaper fragment in more detail, which according to the freezefame appears to read "Man Found in Downtown ... (Hotel?)":
(Extra hi-rez version here with a few more visible words)

-- The funeral home with the mysterious coffin dweller (I think they carefully avoided assigning a gender) is called "Hoffs Drawlar," which is an anagram for "Flash Forward." Is it me or does the coffin look child-sized?

-- Was Jack's dad really alive in the flash-forward (if so WT-effing-effing-F?!) or was he just tripping his balls off on hillbilly crack aka oxycontin?

-- Was Charlie's improbably perfect rendition of “Good Vibrations” on the underwater station's keypad a massive shoutout to the scene in "The Goonies" when Andy played the bone organ? (And no, that's not a double entendre, it was an actual pipe organ made of bone)

Good lines:

"Since when do you call me Kate?"

"That’s for taking the kid off the boat."

"Help me tie him up."

"Dude, I saved everybody!"

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