Monday, April 16

Reaching for the Stars

Relaxing after a great Mexican meal at my friend Chris' house last night, I spotted a DVD resting next to her TV. I reached over and beheld this criminally underacclaimed 1986 masterpiece:

The movie, if you don't remember, tells the stirring story of a bunch of kids who are accidentally (!) launched into space due to the misguided yet well-intentioned efforts of a friendly robot named Jinx.

But check out the pool of talent!

Just on the DVD cover we have:
1) Kelly Preston, now wife of John Travolta
2) Tate Donovan, most recently of "Friends" and "The OC"
3) Kate Capshaw, wife of Steven Spielberg
4) Lea Thompson, most famous for "Back to the Future" but also smokin hot in the Tom Cruise film "All the Right Moves"
5) Joaquin (nee "Leaf") Phoenix

and please don't forget

6) Larry B. Scott, aka the black gay guy from Revenge of the Nerds, who also starred as Tasty Taste in the hip-hop mockumentary "Fear of a Black Hat."

We also have perennial Hollywood "Hey It's That Guy" guys Tom Skerritt and Terry Quinn.

Why did SpaceCamp fail to become a hit? Well, it could have something to do with the fact that it was scheduled for release the same month in 1986 that a certain Space Shuttle was destroyed due a faulty O-ring. SpaceCamp's release was delayed a few months.

There is also just the teeniest problem with believability.

But SpaceCamp lives on in our memories...and in Chris' DVD player.

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