Wednesday, April 11

Don't Steal From Stevie

Who would have the gall to steal from Stevie Wonder, aka Steveland Morris, perhaps my favorite musician of all time, creator of songs including "Superstition" and "As." (OK, he also made "I Just Called To Say I Love You" but nobody's perfect.)

Last week, Steve had to buy back his own Grammy award for Innervisions, which had been stolen long ago, the NY Post reports:
The music legend had to shell out a winning bid of $37,375 to snap up the statuette at an L.A. auction held by Profiles in History late last week. Wonder's camp tried to stop the auction, claiming the Grammy had been stolen years ago and sold from collector to collector. But sources tell us because he never reported the theft when it happened, authorities were powerless to intervene, leaving him no choice but to buy it back.
Oh, by the way, Stevie has a record 22 Grammy Awards, including best album for 1974, 1975 and 1977. In 1976, Grammy award winner Paul Simon thanked him for not making an album that year.

Click here to download a nice little instrumental cover of one of the best cuts off of Innervisions, "Jesus Children of America." (From the music blog Art Decade

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