Thursday, April 19

Choose Your Own Greeting

I was talking with pop-o-matic last night about my hatred for Hallmark-style greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays. What does it really mean when you send a card filled with pre-fabricated sentiment: That you own a calendar and don't have any original thoughts?

So it felt fortuitous today when my inbox was filled with details about new blank greeting cards from Moo, my favorite company in the dead paper industry, which makes awesome little business cards based on Flickr photos and Second Life images.

"We miss mail! Not email, we get tons of that, but real mail. Delivered by a friendly postie, straight to your door. So we dreamed up NoteCards - square prints made from your own photos or designs. They have a magic flap on the side, to make them stand up proudly on your mantel, bookshelf or window sill, and are perfect for mailing to friends."
Not that cheap at $25 for 16 cards, but these look very cool. You pick the pictures and the text -- take that you Hallmark bastards!

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Jeff said...

These are great! I think I'll save the $25 and just make my own.