Friday, March 16

The Wee-Bey Theory

20051111153509990001Fans of HBO's amazing series "The Wire" will remember when loyal Barksdale soldier Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice got arrested for murder. Faced with the inevitability of a long jail sentence, he begins confessing to dozens of unsolved killings. Why not? He's going to jail for most of his life anyway, and this takes the heat off of his fellow soldiers.

The cops, whose careers depend on the their case-clearing statistics, don't like the situation but have no choice but to accept it.

KhalidSheikhAP_535x700Flash forward to this week, where Khalid Sheikh Mohammad has confessed (if a government transcript of a military hearing can be trusted, which it probably can't, but let's set that aside a minute) to just about every act of jihadist terror in the last dozen years. Everything from a plot to kill Jimmy Carter to thinking really mean thoughts.

One blog snarked: "He apparently stopped short of claiming credit for killing the czar and his ministers, and shooting either the sheriff or his deputy."

Wired magazine's new "Danger Room" blog, which I've really been enjoying lately, has thus coined the Wee-Bey Theory:
It could be that KSM is, as the 9/11 Commission noted, someone who sees himself as "the self-cast star -- the super terrorist" in "a spectacle of destruction." But to me, it sounds like a man taking on as many bodies as he can, so the rest of his group can go free.
The government, under pressure to show successes in its moronically named War on Terror, has little choice but declare victory and move on.

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