Tuesday, March 6

This time I actually have a good excuse for not blogging...

Our Google overlords determined that this humble Monkeydaemon blog was spam! They locked me out of Blogger until an actual human could take the time to read it and realize -- obviously! -- that no mere computer could write this sparkling prose.

So, to make up for my time off-air, I will open up my secret briefcase of blogging goodness and share the gleaming goodies within:

momofukuITEM: The East Village noodle bar Momofuku (highly recommended) is taking a page from Willy Wonka and offering up the super-VIP deluxe treatment to one random table each night. French-trained chef David Chang describes it as "soigné ... it basically means make sure that the guests have everything they need. For cooks, soigné = make it perfect.

So if you start getting unasked for appetizers, experiments, choice cuts and maybe a few beers at Momofuku, don't ask any questions, Chang advises. "Just shut up and eat!" The downside is this is likely to increase the already insane waiting times at Momufuku...

ITEM: Foxy Brown may have avoided jail only to receive a much harsher punishment -- a lifetime ban from Junior's, the legendary deli and cheesecake emporium.

juniors_1The NY Post has the scoop: "After ordering fried calamari and an ice cream soda, Brown spilled the drink on herself, then allegedly demanded the restaurant pay to clean her "$2,000 Dolce & Gabbana jacket." "She said 'Get this guy to clean it up, clean it up immediately!' " said Stainrod. "The manager told her to take it easy, relax, she started to curse him out, she said 'F- you.'"

Brown, born a stone's throw away in Park Slope, then walked out on the $50 check. One of her lackey's later tried to come back to pay it but managers told him: "Look, don't pay for it, just don't come back."

mujiITEM: MUJI lovers, rejoice! Japan's answer to Ikea (with less furniture, but more great clothes and the world's best stationary) is finally rolling out a New York storefront. The store will open in the still under construction New York Times building, across the street from the Port Authority, by the end of 2007.

ITEM: You know you're ballin' when you find your Brooklyn apartment at Sotheby's auction house...In what is likely the most expensive rental in Brooklyn, 70 Willow Street has 9 bedrooms, 7 baths, a "published" garden with prize-winning window boxes (!) and, oh yeah, Truman Capote used to live there. The price? $40,000 PER MONTH


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Jeff said...

I sure would love to own that house. (hint hint - I have a birthday coming up).