Monday, March 12

SXSW and the Twitterverse

I'm down in Austin (good BBQ, better Mexican food) for the South by Southwest Interactive conference. This is basically where the cool nerds hang out, surrounded by slightly less cool nerds. The popularity scale isn't that different from high school, with cool blogs taking the place of nice cars and ironic post-hipster t-shirts replacing name-brand bling.

This year the question du jour is: Do You Twitter?

Twitter is a sort of minute-by-minute blog that you send and receive from a computer or text message. All too often this takes the form of scintillating entries like "I'm eating breakfast," and other stuff that you really don't need to know about other people. But the allure at SXSW is that all the cool kids are doing it. So if you want to find the cool parties, you have to read Twitter. It's geek clique chic.

(Watch the SXSW Twitters float by here. You can read my scant few entries here)

I can't imagine wanting to be bombarded by hundreds of messages about the mundane details of someone's life, no matter how cool they are, but there is one great application I've found: Star Wars twittering. Check out "Darth Vader's" Twitter stream:
-- Naturally I knew Lando was a loser from the moment I met him. Who wouldn't with a sidekick named "Lobot"?

-- Feeling a bit anxious today. I think I'll find and slaughter a band of Sand People just for old time's sake. That ought to calm the nerves.

-- Palpatine has instructed me to allow my son and his pitiful band of friends to land Endor. I hope this doesn't come back to bite him later.
And Chewbacca's:
-- graaawnnnn wwrrrooooooohhhh

-- wruurrrrwww blooarrrrggghhh

-- eeeewrrrrhhhnnn nnnrrrrwww

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