Thursday, March 8

Kareem the Dream

jabbar_laimbeer_370The NBA's all-time leading scorer, co-star of Bruce Lee and Leslie Nielsen, and all around cool guy, on what it's like to live your life at 7 feet 2 inches tall:
"Every time I bend over to pick up my socks, I kind of think, 'What else can I accomplish while I'm down here?'"

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andrewjacoby2 said...

Kareem. Greatest basketball player of all time. Did I tell you that I stood next to him in an airport last year in Los Angeles? It took all my willpower not to turn to him and rattle off a collection of stats from the 84-85 season that I timecapsuled into my brain in second grade. I also had to fight the urge not to make any jokes about the movie Airplane!, since it was an airport I saw him in afterall. Instead, I didn't say anything, figuring that anything I said would totally creep him out. I'm sure fans bother him all the time. My first time in LA, and I get to stand next to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.