Friday, February 23

World's Best Alarm Clock?

The blog Gordasm has found what looks to be a brilliantly well-designed alarm clock that will minimize the existential dread and bodily pain that comes with getting up every morning much earlier than another clock -- the exquisitely designed one inside your body that has been developed for the last few million years -- would prefer:

"First off, this small, battery-operated, brick-shaped clock is wrapped in a funky yellow rubber, so it can handle being smacked and/or knocked off of the nightstand and still look good while doing so. It’s large face does not illuminate unless you hit the oversized snooze bar (another bonus), so no more glancing and keeping track of what times you woke up during the night.

Like most clocks, it has an adjustable volume switch for it’s alarm, but here’s the best part: you can record up to seven seconds of your own sounds using it’s built-in microphone. For fun, the first thing I did was record the chorus of Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You, Babe” so that I could channel Bill Murray in Groundhog Day."
I've been looking for years for a clock like the one in Groundhog Day that has those flippy numbers (the only photo I could find comes at the 2:29 mark in this YouTube video) but it looks like this might be the next best thing.

I'm going to buy two: One for me and one for my wife, whose fondness for the snooze bar borders on addiction, which has weakened my early morning morale on more than one occasion.


Doublex said...

Where can I find this clock and how much is it and what is the name of tis clock?

Anonymous said...

Slabang Ikea designer Maria Vinka check eBay!