Friday, February 23

Spectator Sport of the Year, 2007-2008

Everyone's full-contact, no-holds-barred, ultimate fighting challenge, the U.S. Presidential Elections, is heating up waaaaaaaaaaaay too early, some 20 months before we vote, but boy is it going to be fun to watch.

Yesterday's proxy fight, undoubtedly a mark of things to come, featured advisors for Barack Obama versus advisors Hillary Clinton in a very public tit-for-tat. I won't bore you with details, but it looks to be a very ugly primary campaign -- Hillary's people have already tried to smear Obama in the crassest of ways: "He attended a madrassa! And his middle name is Hussein!"

The field as it stands is at six: Obama, Hillary and Edwards for the Dems; McCain, Romney and Giuliani for the GOP. Recommended for the daily ins and outs of the campaign is ABC News' daily email, The Note. From today's edition:
Making it tougher still to break in: the media's obsession with the man who would make the Big 6 the Big 7. Basically, the political press wants to tempt Al Gore into the race, and then they will destroy him as a flip-flopping, exaggerating, stiff loser. And Gore knows this.

In a piece that will make the Clintons glad they have spent all that Rupert time, the New York Post's ed board writes: "Anyone who says he is inspired by the prospect of Barack Obama's ascension to the White House at this stage in his career is delusional."

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