Saturday, January 6

Brooklyn Update

On the downside of moving back to Brooklyn:
-- Cambodian Cuisine is gone, although it's re-opening in Manhattan
-- Beat Street is gone despite a last-minute intervention by Mary J. Blige
-- "A wild-eyed Brooklyn man was busted at McDonald's for unleashing a McFury of homophobic slurs on a worker who would not serve him a McFlurry, law-enforcement sources said yesterday." (Link)

And the gentrification wave is still causing some ripples, according to Overheard in New York:

Blond Tourist Bimbo: I've never even heard of the G Train.
Blond Local Bimbo: Yeah, it's a ghetto train.
Blond Tourist Bimbo: Where does it go?
Blond Local Bimbo: Nowhere.
Black eight-year-old boy: Except my home, bitch.

--G train Hoyt/Schermerhorn station

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