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Thursday, January 11

Lost in a K-Hole

If you ever wondered why it might not be a brilliant idea to ingest a dissociative anaesthetic designed for use on horses...

I give you East London artist Ali Love's new single, "Lost In A K-Hole." (download mp3) Hilarious video on YouTube. Lots of fun remixes on his website.


Zingerman's meets London

Those of you who know me are aware of my borderline obsession with Ann Arbor, Michigan's Zingerman's deli (and Roadhouse, and Bakery, and Creamery, etc etc etc).


Their monthly newsletter has a few items on my *other* foodie obsession, the cornucopia of goodness that is London's Borough Market.Here's a dispatch from the cheesy catacombs of Neal's Yard Dairy:
We start at Neal's Yard Dairy's Southwark warehouse, a half mile south of Tower Bridge. Called "The Arches," it's named for the Victorian brick arches that make up the walls and roof of the converted warehouse, all part of a bridge supporting the main rail route from the City of London and West End to the southeastern counties of Kent & Sussex. Trains click above you "so often you hardly notice,'" to quote Elwood Blues. This is the staging point for much of NYD's cheese--all specially selected from their thoroughbred stable of cheesemakers--and its stores supply London restaurants, English cheesemongers and American shops, like us.

We don white coats, hairnets and blue plastic booties, wash our hands and sign in, carrying notepads and pens. (Sanitation is paramount in cheese making and storage.) The first stop is a set of rooms that hold small cheeses. Drying rooms, washed rind rooms...each has a different temperature, humidity level, and set of active molds. Our main goal is further on, two stories of rough spruce shelves holding hundreds of wheels of British and Irish cheese.
There is also a blurb tapas haven Brindisa, and for grilled cheese maestro William "The Raclette Man" Oglethorpe -- turns out his legendary sandwiches (called "the Platonic ideal of grilled cheese" by Gourmet's Ruth Reichl) are made from the wheels of Montgomery's Cheddar that don't quite make the grade for the shop! Somehow that makes me like them even more:
nchees05William Oglethorpe is Neal's Yard Dairy's cheese caretaker. David Lockwood is an ex-Zingerman's staffer, now NYD's finance manager. Together they grind up cheeses that haven't aged quite properly at The Arches and take the results to the throngs at Borough Market Saturday morning. Today it was Montgomery's Cheddar sandwiched between slices of Poilane bread with shallots and garlic, cooked on portable sandwich presses. It's probably the best grilled cheese I've ever had.
New to me on their list was the (apparently famous) gastropub Anchor & Hope near Waterloo. I think I might have to pay a visit before I skip town...

Above: Oglethorpe works with the artery-clogging cheesy miracle that is raclette.

Saturday, January 6

Brooklyn Update

On the downside of moving back to Brooklyn:
-- Cambodian Cuisine is gone, although it's re-opening in Manhattan
-- Beat Street is gone despite a last-minute intervention by Mary J. Blige
-- "A wild-eyed Brooklyn man was busted at McDonald's for unleashing a McFury of homophobic slurs on a worker who would not serve him a McFlurry, law-enforcement sources said yesterday." (Link)

And the gentrification wave is still causing some ripples, according to Overheard in New York:

Blond Tourist Bimbo: I've never even heard of the G Train.
Blond Local Bimbo: Yeah, it's a ghetto train.
Blond Tourist Bimbo: Where does it go?
Blond Local Bimbo: Nowhere.
Black eight-year-old boy: Except my home, bitch.

--G train Hoyt/Schermerhorn station

Friday, January 5

Bugaboo Rage

Kelly and I are moving back to New York in a few weeks, most likely to Brooklyn, and we're thinking about Park Slope -- a lovely little neighborhood that has a well-deserved reputation as a place where the sidewalks are perpetually clogged with strollers and dogs. (We're not in the market for either one at the moment, in case you were wondering)

Brownstoner's comment section took on the pressing issue of Brooklyn Yuppie Moms hooked on Rageahol, wielding their Bugaboo strollers like medievel battering rams. A few excerpts:

"My favorite bugaboo incident in Clinton Hill: trim blonde Mama having an animated conversation on her cell phone as she aggressively pushes her bugaboo straight through the middle of an ongoing drug deal. Literally. Hands were extended to proffer and receive the goods, and she shoved the bugaboo right down the middle on her way to Choice. Dealer and customer dropped their jaws and stepped back as she careened through, apparently oblivious to the fact that both were packing heat.


"you people that complain about park slope moms are such pussies. i'm a early 30's single man who just recently moved to park slope and couldn't be any happier in the neighborhood. i constantly get smiles and thank you's from mothers with strollers when i hold the door for them or simply pass them on the street. i think it's your poor attitudes and apparent disgust for the neighborhood that ruins it for the rest of us." — Posted by: anonymous at January 2, 2007 2:54 PM

"2:54, please spare us the pro-mom claptrap and accompanying milf fantasies. You're not going to get laid here." — Posted by: Anonymous at January 2, 2007 3:36 PM

"i'm gay, asshole." — Posted by: Anonymous at January 2, 2007 3:58 PM


"I remember when I used to sprint home from the subway at night to avoid getting mugged and when my car was broken into seemingly every night. The newbie gentrifcation of Brooklyn is complete when our greatest fear is of being rundown by a yuppie mother and her bugaboo stroller."

via Brooklyn Record

LOST HOUSE 24: Mashing up dramas for laughs

12 pm – 1 pm
Oceanic Air Flight 15 wings from Sydney to Los Angeles. Jack is returning home after two years of hiding in the Outback because that’s as far away from Audrey as he could get. House spent two weeks in Australia learning the accent so he could better taunt Chase. The plane crashes. Jack saves 54 people. Learns they only have provisions for 53. He shoots one.

6 pm – 7 pm
Kate gets caught in another hanging net. Locke shoots Boone. House correctly diagnoses a gunshot wound… but only after removing Boone’s liver. Jack learns that Claire is really his daughter. Ten minutes later she’s of course kidnapped.

10 pm – 11 pm
Jack can open the hatch but needs three volunteers to help him. He is successful but all three die. Inside they discover a command center much like CTU except there are burger wrappers suggesting someone actually ate there. Also surveillance monitors are discovered. They watch Kate struggle to get out of the net. Back at camp Sawyer knocks House into next Tuesday.