Sunday, December 10

'This American Life' Is Ready for Its TV Close-Up

glassThe TV version of the radio show is due in March on Showtime. It sounds like it will be weirdly cool, or maybe just weird.

In the end, they decided to give (host Ira Glass, right) a desk. But not just any desk.

"What if your desk appeared out on the landscape?" Wilcha wondered. "On an abandoned freeway, on the Salt Flats, in the woods. But you never make mention of it or point to it."

So Glass, staring at the audience through his big, black-framed glasses, introduces the show and the stories from behind a sleek, art deco desk made of shiny, red wood. In one shot, the desk and Ira sit in the middle of Utah's Salt Flats, looking like an inconsequential speck in a vast moonscape.

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